Westhaven University

The following classes have been offered:

Let us know if you have suggestions for future classes!!! Just email amy.law@southernland.com! 

72hr Soreness Rescue Plan – quickly lower inflammation when you over do it in that new fitness class

Natural Headache Relief- Soothe and prevent headaches without popping pills

Introduction to Danzan-Ryu jujitsu and Toyama-Ryu Bottodo

Safe Kids 101

Introduction to Evernote

Scottish Piping and Drumming Lessons

Music City Improv


Dog Seminars with Niki Ivey (Dog Speak 101 and When Love is Not Enough)

Disaster Preparedness

Coffee 101

Forbidden, Hidden, and Forgotten (Role of women in the civil war)

Ladies Mixology

The Art of Owning Your Own Stage with Rob Youngblood

Essential Oils

Positive Parenting- Family Rules

Square Foot Container Gardening

The Federal Reserve, Central Banking and Interest Rate Policy Effects on the Future Market

Divided Allegiances with Gregory Wade (civil war lecture)

The Most Important Issues of the 2016 National Election that 85% of Americans Identify and Why it will Probably Surface for Debate