Seminars offered by the Firearms & Self-Defense Academy, LLC

 Seminars offered by the Firearms & Self-Defense Academy, LLC

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Home Security and Invasion Defense© $30
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Sunday, April 23rd- 1pm to 3pm in Townsend Hall

The single most important step towards ensuring your safety is having a safety strategy in place before you need it. Criminals prefer easy targets. In the Home Security and Invasion Defense seminar, you will learn vital tactics and techniques you can put into place right away to deter home intruders. You will also learn practical run, hide, fight survival skills that will help you should an invader breach your perimeter. Police Sheriff David Clarke said in best, “you have a duty to protect yourself and your family…because when seconds count, police are usually minutes away.”  Therefore, having the tools and mindset to protect yourself and loved ones can prove critical to your survival. This two-hour seminar is suitable for teens through adults and will equip you with the foundational knowledge and skills to become your own first line of defense.

The Empower Hour: An Introduction to Self-Defense Tools© no charge

Thursday, April 20th from noon to 1pm in Townsend Hall- RSVP to

During this one-hour seminar, you will be introduced to self-defense tools that can keep you and your loved ones safe! We will discuss the use of stun guns, pepper spray, kubotans, and other safety products for home and on the go. You will also have the opportunity to compare each tool, ask questions, and seek advice. Knowledge is power, and power raises confidence. With the FBI’s statistic of a violent crime occurring every 26 seconds, our goal is that you leave the seminar more confident about your personal safety than when you arrived. This seminar is designed for teens, adults, and gun owners.