Painting with Prayers with Deby Dearman

Dearman Class


Painting with Prayers with Deby Dearman

Beginners Class begins Jan 18th & meets each Monday morning from 10:00 – 12:30
Painting with Acrylics

This class gives you permission to play again . . . to escape the chaos of this world and recall the joy of sitting down with a new box of crayons and manila paper; to use your fingers and paper towels to make messes, and then with a few simple techniques, transform your messes into masterpieces.

This class takes the fear out of painting and allows you the freedom to explore, take risks and have some good ole fun!

We begin class by lighting a candle while Deby says a prayer, then we enter into the world of creativity where there are no rules or limits.

Come explore the possibilities. Monday mornings from 10:00 -12:30. Each session runs for 5 weeks and is $200.00

I’m drawn to the quote, beauty can save the world, because creating art saves me daily! ~  deby dearman

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