College Preparation Classes

Westhaven University Class Schedule
Randall Bedwell
Please confirm your reservation for these classes by contacting Randall directly

Logistics: All classes are at 6 p.m. at the Westhaven Residents Club.  Participants must RSVP to Randall Bedwell to secure a seat. 

Jan 24 -Scholarship Strategies

Feb 28-  Opportunities for Exceptional Students

March 14- College Planning 101

March 28- Opportunities for Exceptional Students

April 11- College Planning 101

April 25- Opportunities for Exceptional Students

May 9- College Planning 101

May 23- Opportunities for Exceptional Students

June 13- College Path Boot Camp

June 27- College Planning 101

July 11- Great Colleges Require Great Essays

July 25- College Path Boot Camp

August 8-  College Planning 101

August 22- Great Colleges Require Great Essays

September 12_  College Planning 101

September 26-  Don’t Fear the FAFSA

October 10-  Scholarship Strategies

October 24-  Don’t Fear the FAFSA

Nov 14- Opportunities for Exceptional Students

December 12- Opportunities for Exceptional Students

Course Descriptions

College Planning 101 

It is never too early to begin planning for your child’s college education. Taught by nationally-recognized college planning expert Randall Bedwell, College Planning 101 demystifies the college planning process, providing you with the resources and answers you need to execute a plan for college that meets your child’s academic, social, and financial needs.

College Planning 101 is the introductory course in an ongoing series of exclusive Westhaven University courses designed to empower you. In these courses, you learn to set expectations for your teen’s college trajectory, reduce stress for your entire family, and implement a personalized strategy for your teen to reach their full potential through a top quality college education.

Who should attend: Parents of college-bound teenagers. Students are welcome as well.

Cost: $10

College Path Boot Camp 

College Path Boot Camp focuses on college admissions, and provides students and families with the necessary tools to get a head start on the process.

The Common Application and Admissions Essay are central to the college application process, and require significant time and attention. During this half-day workshop, College Planner Randall Bedwell helps students develop an effective application strategy, review admissions chances at targeted colleges, and complete some of the more arduous tasks.  Students leave the workshop ahead of the curve, and enter their senior year with confidence.

This class also includes a one-hour telephone conference shortly after the workshop to ensure students and parents are feeling comfortable with their progress on the path to college admissions.

Who should attend: Rising High School Seniors

Time: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

Cost: $195

What to bring:

Laptop computer with wi-fi capabilities

Draft resume and activity sheet

A good attitude

For information, call 615.714.0139


Great Colleges Require Great Essays 

This two-hour interactive workshop, taught by Certified College Planner and college professor Randall Bedwell, is designed to help rising high school seniors construct a college application essay that wows college admissions officers and gets the student accepted into the right college for them.

  • Preview the newly released Common App Prompts
  • Discuss approaches and techniques that will enhance their chances of admission
  • Summarize the critical components of the college essay
  • Recognize the value of college essays in the admissions process

This workshop also includes:

  • Advice from top Admissions Officers from around the country
  • Worksheet handout
  • Writing and editing tips and tricks
  • Screen shots from the Common App
  • 8-page workbook featuring four essays published by The New York Times

Cost: $25

Scholarship Strategies (1 hr class)

No one wants to overspend when they don’t have to. Scholarships and grants can significantly offset the cost of college, regardless of a family’s net worth. Forming and executing a plan to apply for merit-based and other scholarships can be incredibly time consuming. There are forms to complete, essays to write, and deadlines to meet. This class helps families understand strategies, sources of scholarship money, and the commitment necessary to secure scholarship money and reduce the out-of-pocket cost of college.

Who should attend: Parents and rising seniors

Cost: $10

Don’t Fear the FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, better known as FAFSA, is required in order to qualify for any government assistance programs, private scholarships, or work-study opportunities. Through the FAFSA, about 15 million college students apply for almost $200 billion in federal, state, and college-sponsored financial aid each year.

This two-hour class gets you familiar with the dreaded “F-word”— the FAFSA. This class will help you understand how the FAFSA works, how to use it to reduce your family’s out-of-pocket costs, and how to master strategies to pay less than the “sticker price” for a good college.

Who should attend: Parents of high school age students

Opportunities for Exceptional Students

Every child has a talent worth developing, but many parents are not sure how to best shape their child’s educational trajectory to develop this talent.

This one-hour informational workshop provides parents of “intellectually curious” students — particularly exceptional and gifted learners — vital information to explore opportunities such as Vanderbilt’s Summer Academy, Duke’s TIP program, and a variety of other opportunities for gifted learners.

Topics include:

Assessing the right summer program for your child

Creating a path to (and to pay for) college

Testing: what you need to know and how to get there

Channeling your child’s CQ (Curious Quotient)

The earlier the better: steps to success