Eagle Scout candidate Teams With Westhaven Foundation to Preserve Neighborhood Cemetery


Eagle Scout candidate Nathan Hawkins found the perfect service project to help him attain Eagle Scout status and he didn’t even have to leave his Westhaven neighborhood.  Hawkins decided he would help restore and preserve the Ashlin Moore Cemetery in the green space at the corner of Cheltenham and Morning Mist. Hawkins’ efforts are part of a bigger plan for the cemetery’s restoration. His commitment to the project had him removing the old, wooden fence, digging post holes for a new, aluminum fence, enlarging the fenced area to include outlying graves, cleaning and weeding the site, establishing groundcover and moving the gate to the front of the cemetery for easier access.  Hawkins’ plans weren’t inexpensive–particularly the fencing.  That’s where the Westhaven Foundation came in.  The fit for Hawkins and the Foundation was perfect–community, history, and civic duty all part of the Foundation’s mission.  The Westhaven Foundation has committed $5,300 to restoring the cemetery, some of which went to help fund the fence Nathan erected.  Other funds will go toward the purchase of a historic marker to educate visitors of the cemetery’s history. If you’d like to help support these efforts, please donate to the Ashlin Moore fund through the foundation, click here. 


img_5779Nathan’s portion of the restoration project is complete.  He expects to earn his Eagle Scout status in the next few weeks.  It’s easy to see his hard work from the road as you ride by the cemetery. There is more work to be done to the cemetery, including restoration of the stacked-stone wall around some of the graves. A highly-trained craftsman must perform this rebuilding.  George Patterson will do the honors.  He learned the craft in his native Scotland. Patterson will not use any mortar and will stack the stones so they form a wall standing with only their weight and surface friction.  Local historians say the wall is likely 225 years old.