Q: What is The Westhaven Foundation?

A: Founded by residents of Westhaven in 2007, the Foundation strives to serve as leader, catalyst, and resource for philanthropy in order to build and enrich civic and community life, not only for the residents in Westhaven, but the entire Williamson County.

Q: Why was it created?

A: The Westhaven Foundation grew out of a group of residents wanting to enhance and preserve the unique character of Westhaven and Williamson County.

Q: Who administers the foundation?

A: A Board of Trustees oversees all administrative and grant making decisions. The current Board is comprised of the following members, none of whom receive compensation.

Executive Committee


President – Matt Magallanes

Treasurer – Mark McCutcheon

Secretary – Amy Law

1st VP – Mark McCutcheon

2nd VP – Scott Jones

Immediate Past President – Mark McCutcheon

Trustees Whose Terms Expire 6/31/2020

Jeffrey Carson

Betsey Bergman

Trustees Whose Terms Expire 6/31/2019

Shari Lacy — Trustee

Dana Hardy — Trustee

Trustees Whose Terms Expire 6/31/2018

Chris Fowler – Trustee

Chas Morton — Trustee

Jason Kaplan –Trustee

Most recent former members

Shari Fox

Louise Scott

We Appreciate the valuable service of Anne, Charlie, Doug and John over the past several years as the The Westhaven Foundation has grown. Charlie had the original idea for a non-profit in our community and we are grateful for his early vision and guidance. The Grimes family were among the first residents and have had a hand in many of the events that have become Westhaven traditions.

Q: How is the Westhaven Foundation funded?

A: The Foundation is supported by a community enhancement fee, commonly known as a transfer fee, which is assessed upon the buyer with the sale of each home. The fee builds a permanent endowment to preserve and enhance the quality of life for future generations. Earnings from the endowment, along with generous support from residents and the developer, will allow The Westhaven Foundation to make a significant immediate impact early in its history.